Friday, December 3, 2010

Day Planners: December 2nd

December 2nd

The first day to register for next semester's classes at UNM
Had a couple of classes and something big with 'Problem #4'
Went to visit my grandmother in the hospital after school

Had to be at my mom's house around 10:00 AM to go to Carlsbad.
Presumably to see the Christmas on the Pecos

Had to work
Call Tre after work about getting together to study for our EMT class

Worked at Keva Juice from 7 - 3
Defined Fitness afterwords for 'Cardio'
Had to stop at the bank
Had to go to Sams Club
Was supposed to call Brad and Val about going to see The Sound of Music
I also was supposed to call Jason and
Write a letter to my grandfather
Lobos played NMSU at 7:00 as well-likely women's basketball

Worked with a client from 9:30 - 12:30
Then supposed to go for a swim at the gym before
Working with another client at 3:00
There was also a show at the Launchpad.

Living in Sweden
Was supposed to workout legs in the apartment gym
That evening I was supposed to sign up with some temporary job agencies

Just arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark 3 days ago.