Friday, January 11, 2013

Dream of the Day: Komodo Dragons

I was lying in my mother’s front yard.  There was a woman, unidentified, laying on my back.  I was somewhere between awake and asleep.  I saw my mom and my nephew, Alex, walking towards the house.  I was somewhat, mentally, uncomfortable having my mom see this person lying on top of me.  I jumped up. 

I greeted my mother and nephew.  She wondered if we had seen the Komodo dragon.  I asked what she was talking about.  She said that she had seen a Komodo dragon in the yard.  I started looking around for it. 

Found it not much later.   It was not that big.  Maybe two feet long.  I picked up Alex to show him.  While we were looking at it, it started to move toward us.  I backed up to let it pass but it followed.  As I was cautiously avoiding it, I almost stumbled over another one lying in the weeds. 

It became obvious that the Komodo dragon was not just following us, but following us with ill intent.  I wanted to kick it, but was hesitant to do so both because of the rarity of Komodo dragons and because I didn’t want to make it mad.  

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