Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clayton Kershaw owns the Giants

Clayton Kershaw just finished off his 20th win of the season with a little help from Javy Guerra and a little more help from Kenley Jansen.

Kershaw's 20 wins and 2.27 ERA only begin to tell the story.  Kershaw has struck out 27.5% of the batters that he has faced this season.  That percentage trails only Zack Greinke who has struck out 28.8%.  Justin Verlander is third with 26%.

Kershaw's 6% walk rate is about 20th in the league.  Impressive enough but look at Kershaw's improvement in that area:
2008: 11.1%
2009: 13.0%
2010: 9.6%
2011: 6.0%

Kershaw is rightfully a Cy Young candidate this season.
The NL Contenders:
Roy Halladay 18 - 6 2.41 227.6 innings, 2.18 FIP, 2.44 tERA, 2.61 SIERA, 8.0 fWAR
Clayton Kershaw 2.27 20 - 5 226.3, 2.37 FIP, 2.48tERA, 2.63 SIERA, 6.8 fWAR
Cliff Lee 16 - 7 2.38 219.6, 2.59 FIP, 3.07 tERA, 2.62 SIERA, 6.5 WAR
If I had a vote, this is the order that I would rank them.

A lot of ascii characters to say that Kershaw has been pretty damn good.

But he's been David Beuwulf to the Giants' Goliath Grendel.  Not to imply that the Giants' offense is, by any stretch, not terrible.  Just a play on the word "Giant".  Anywho...

Some Giants fans found it necessary to 'rub it in the faces' of the Dodgers that LA had passed on Tim Lincecum to draft Kershaw.  After Lincecum exploded on the scene it seemed there might be something to the Giants' smugness.

I've mentioned before, that Kershaw is just now as old as Lincecum was when he debuted.  And it looks like Kershaw has the advantage going forward as Lincecum has dropped off the pace established by his first few years.

Kershaw has certainly had the advantage this season.  Kershaw has faced the Giants 6 times.  The Dodgers have won 5 of those games.  In four of the games he matched up against Kershaw, with the Dodgers winning each contest.

Kershaw's total line in those games.
5 - 0 1.05 ERA in 42.7 innings.  30.4% strike outs.  5.0% walks.  1.58 FIP and a Batted Ball FIP of 1.89.

pwnage!  As the kids say

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