Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day Planners: June 8th

June 8 2000 (Thur):
Marketing class in the morning
Afterwards I was to go to the gym with the notation "D&V"; Dustin and Val?
Had a check to cash, plants to water, laundry to do, and pens and a notebook to buy

I was working as a vendor for the Albuquerque Dukes baseball team at this time, a home stand started the next day.

June 8 2001(Fri):
Had to get up and mow the yard, preferably before it got too hot
Had a library book to pick up; don't remember which one it was
Something to do with EMT notes

By far the most exciting thing for the day: Pack Camping Stuff!!!!

June 8 2002(Sat):
Was working at The Beach Waterpark from 8 AM to 7 PM with Kim and Steve

June 8 2004(Tue):
Working at Su Vida.  I think I was working in the office at this time
Aferwork (or maybe at lunch) was supposed to go to the gym and work "upper"
Buy some groceries on the way home
And look for some new tires online once I got home

June 8 2008(Sun):
Living in Washington DC.  Had the day off.
The Nationals played the Giants
My brother had been in town and had left on Friday.  We had gone to see the Nats v St Louis and take a stadium tour where I threw a perfect strike in the bullpen. A couple of days later we went to see the National Air Guitar Championship.

June 8 2009(Mon):
Living in Silver Spring Maryland and working at the National Cathedral.  Had to catch the bus at 8:56 to get to work.
Afterwork I wanted to go to Giant and pick up: Bananas, spinach, lunchmeat and bread.

June 8 2010(Tue):
Living in New York City, working for The Center for Family Supports.
Had to make a bunch of phone calls in the morning regarding one of my clients.
After work I had to do a secret shop for an ice cream shop
Then a work meeting at 3:00
Stephen Strasburg made his major league debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Was an amazing game.  Watch highlights here.  I had considered going down to DC to watch the game, but since I had the meeting I couldn't.  Damn it.

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