Thursday, June 2, 2011

Videos of outstanding defensive plays this season

Outstanding Defensive Plays of 2011

10/20 Andrus and Kinsler play some up the middle D
10/19 Pujols and Carpenter get Andrus at 1st
9/13 Rick Ankiel throws out Josh Thole at home
9/7 Jeff Francoeur throws out Michael Taylor at 1st
8/28 Rick Ankiel throws out Dave Sappelt at 3rd
8/22 Ben Revere robs Vlad Guerrero
8/14 James Loney diving double play
8/13 Brent Lilibridge double play
8/12 Russ Martin diving catch
8/10 Peter Bourjos shows the range
8/7 Jeff Francoeur throws out Jhonny Peralta at third
8/2 James Loney grab and toss to Kuroda
7/29 Ankiel throws out Bay at home
7/26 Zimmerman barehanded leaping catch
6/1  Adam Jones over the shoulder catch
5/19 Asdrubal Cabrera behind the back flip to start double play
5/16 Carlos Gomez takes a home run away from Juan Uribe
5/13 Roger Bernadina robs Mike Stanton
5/11 Brandon Phillips catches some air
5/6 Brandon Phillips dives, throws behind the back
5/6 Carlos Gomez robs Matt Holliday
4/26 Lillibridge robs the Yankees not once, but twice.
4/16 Hunter Pence slides into wall
4/14 Mets' ballboy makes leaping catch
4/12 Brandon Phillips makes the barehanded play
4/9 Sam Fuld diving catch
4/8 Emilio Bonifacio throws behind Brett Wallace
4/3 Gordon Beckham leaping grab
4/3 Sam Fuld catch tripping over bullpen
4/2 Carlos Santana starts triple play

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