Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Top 100 Pre-Season Prospects

Real baseball starts in less than a month.

Let's try that again...

Real baseball starts in less than a month!!!!!!!!!

That's more like it.

Anyway, spring and major league baseball are just around the corner.  I was going to try and work in a 'Hope springs eternal' thing here but, meh.

With a new season come new prospects.  Some will make their way to the majors.  Some will move up their organizational ladders.  Some will give their fans hope for the future.  Some will disappoint.

Various organizations and individuals have take to ranking these prospects.  I am not one of those organizations or individuals.  What I have done is looked over the rankings that other have made and entered them into a handy-dandy spreadsheet and applied a little bit of math to the rankings.

One thing I did, the most obvious thing to do, was to find the average ranking of players.  Here's the top 25 players by average ranking:

1) Jurickson Profar SS Texas
2) Oscar Taveras OF St. Louis
3) Dylan Bundy P Baltimore
4) Wil Myers OF Tampa
5) Gerrit Cole P Pittsburgh
6) Jose Fernandez P Miami
7) Zack Wheeler P New York Mets
8) Xander Bogarts SS Boston
9) Taijuan Walker P Atlanta
10) Tyler Skaggs P Arizona
11) Christian Yelich OF Miami
12) Travis D'Arnaud C New York Mets
13) Miguel Sano 3B Minnesota
14) Byron Buxton OF Minnesota
15) Jameson Taillon P Pittsburgh
16) Francisco Lindor SS Cleveland
17) Shelby Miller P St. Louis
18) Mike Zunino C Seattle
19) Javier Baez SS Chicago Cubs
20) Billy Hamilton OF/SS Cincinnati
21) Trevor Bauer P Cleveland
22) Kevin Gausman P Baltimore
23) Carlos Correa SS Houston
24) Archie Bradley P Arizona
25) Nick Castellanos 3B Detroit

All 5 organizations/individuals rated Profar as the #1 prospect.  There were near consensuses on Oscar Taveras and Dylan Bundy as well with both getting no lower than a #4 vote.  Wil Myers was 4th in 4 of the 5 rankings.

The least agreed upon player was Colorado SS Trevor Story who was ranked as high as #34 and as low as #99.

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Baseball Prospectus
Keith Law
Jonathan Mayo

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