Friday, March 15, 2013

Bad Announcing: Durable Catchers

So, I'm watching the Dodgers and Royals on MLB.COM.  It's 8-1 Dodgers and the announcers are killing some time.

They were talking about players making the opening day roster but not getting into games.  One of them said that this happened to catchers because catchers were the one position where the manage would keep running the same guy out there day-after-day and that only catchers would start 150 games a season.


In the last 10 seasons 0 catchers have started 150 games.

2 catchers have started over 140 games
Jason Kendall 149 in 2008, 141 in 2006, 146 in 2005, and 145 in 2004
Russ Martin 143 in 2007

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