Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day Planners: November 18th

Had an accounting test in the morning.  First class.
I was then going to hit the UNM gym bookended by some studying.
After finish my classes for the day I was going to go and see my grandmother in the hospital.
That night Type-O Negative was playing at the Sunshine Theater.  I don't think I went

Went to work
Went to the Bank on the way home

Took a Sunday off

Made smoothies from 7 to 3
Went to the gym to do Cardio
That night I was either going to:
Hang out with Vicki
Go see Tool
Or call "Terra"
--your guess is as good as mine what I did.  I have have seen Tool a few times, so maybe that.

Get up and go for a swim
Meet a new community membership client-turned out to be a really awesome guy
"Buy Phil Tix" ???
Fix the window on my Jeep
Buy a heater for my bed

Living in Sweden
Jog to the gym and work out "legs"
Go to ICA and buy groceries and some stuff to clean the drain
Clean the drain
Hit the sauna at 7:30

Living in Sweden
Had to buy groceries
Shave and clean the bathroom

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