Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Planners: November 9th

Had a couple of classes at UNM
Was going to go to the gym and work on my arms
Needed to work on a 'newsbrief'.  Probably something for school
And I was going to study for "303".  And I was going to do it "outside".
Notes for this week included something about "Mug Girl"

Headed to the gym in the morning with this note "last day to relax"
Then Class.  
At lunch I needed to print something for 426 (Advanced problems in financial management)
Still needed to change the wiper blades
And I planned on taking a bubble bath

Work from 8:30 to 6:00.  Headed to the gym at lunch to work out my legs
Then a Lobo basketball game
And "Tommy" at 8:00
EDIT:  Thanks to my bro who reminded me that was the musical of The Who's Tommy.

Doing cardio at the gym before work
Had a new client intake that day.  I remember her.  She was a sweet girl.
After work I needed to come home and vacuum.  
After vacuuming I had to pack for a trip to California!  :0)
Somehow I still thought I'd have time to go to another Lobo game

Had to write an email to the guy I was renting an apartment from about borrowing his bicycle and the electric bill
I also needed a shave

Get up and go to the gym.  Working out "Arms".  6 times left on the 10 times card
Svenskundervisning För Invandrare (Swedish For Immigrants).  My Swedish class
Then grocery shopping on the way home
That night I had something to do with "library books"
I also had to email Nina about the movie "Kvinan som lekte med elden".  Nina was one of my SFI instructors and we were supposed to write emails to her about Swedish TV shows or movies that we saw.
I was also going to watch Silent Library and tell my girlfriend that she was a 'Plughäst' - Swedish for 'work horse' since she had been working so hard on her PhD and I just learned that word in class.  

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