Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion Paradox: Looking like a Million Bucks

Five years ago, give or take maybe two years,  I bought two pairs of Canyon River Blues Cargo Pants from ?Sears?.  I paid $5 each for them.  In my opinion any pair of pants that cost a dollar a year to use is an impressive purchase.  I often brag about these pants.

Now...they are starting to show a little wear.  The cuffs are frayed.  Each of the multitude of pockets are frayed.  The colors have faded.  They're a little baggy as I bought them around the height of my out-of-shapeness.  But they cover everything that they need to cover and keep me warm when it's too cold for shorts.

I had a girlfriend who said that I looked homeless when I wore them.  My mom recently said that I need to buy some new pants because these looked like I paid $5 for them 5 years ago-she didn't mean it as a compliment.

So, I was looking at my pants today and thinking-thinking how backwards the thinking about my pants is.

If I spent a lot of money to buy a 'nice' pair of pants I'd have less money in my (figurative) pocket right now.  But since I paid less money then, I have more money now.  But people say that I look poor...

I often think that people are thinking exactly opposite of the way they should-this is one of those times.


  1. You're funny!
    Don't buy new pants, you just need a swimsweat... And a Volunteer T-shirt! :) :)

  2. They say that the richest people in the world are frugal. They don't need designer clothes to feel successful. The sad thing is that people without money, living on credit, feel that they need those things just to feel successful and important. It all stems down to self esteem. I'm trying to teach that lesson to Hailey now that she has started to realize the difference between name brand and store brand. So, today she is wearing clothes with no name brands and that don't particularly match. It's been a long day but hopefully she will get the message.