Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day Planners: November 7th

1999: I was apparently meeting Jessi.
2000: Busy day
Gym in the morning.  Then a shower
Then banking class where we had a test.  There is a not that says 'Michelle'.  Dunno who that is
After the test I was heading to the library to research Rorschach ink blots.  That would eventually become one of my tattoos.
Then to work where I must have had a paycheck waiting for me.  Ca-Ching!
I also had a side note to buy new wiper blades
2001: Volunteering in the emergency room from 8:30 to 2:00
2004: Headed to Johnson field at UNM to do some jog/sprints before mowing the lawn and watching the Eagles and Steelers.  The game didn't go so well.
2008:  In Sweden.  Up early to head to the Skateverket (Tax Office) to get my Personnummer, Personbevis, and ID Card.
2009:  Absolutely nothing

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