Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Francisco Liriano's odd no-no

All no hitters involve some degree of luck.

But Liriano's seems especially so.

In retiring 27 White Sox without yielding a hit Liriano threw almost as many balls (57) as strikes (66) while walking 6 batters and striking out only 2.  It'd be difficult to say that he was really dominating the strike zone or that he had amazing command of his pitches.

He had 9 balls hit that were classified as ground balls, 9 as fly balls, 4 as infield fly balls and only 2 as line drives 

I didn't watch the game but he definitely go some help from his teammates (as all no-hit pitchers do).

This play by Danny Valencia was especially good.

Using Tango's Batted Ball FIP, we would expect Liriano to have given up 4.59 runs based on how the how the White Sox were able to hit the ball off of him-not pitch a no-hit shut out.

Regardless, Liriano goes into the history books with the first no-hitter of 2011.

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