Monday, May 30, 2011

Fili's GOD for May 30th 2011: Toronto Blue Jays vs Cleveland Indians

Jo-Jo Reyes gets the start tonight for the Toronto Blue Jays.  Reyes is 0-4 this season.  Normally Reyes wouldn't be the type of pitcher who would be involved in the Game Of the Day.  But today is different.  

Reyes' career record is 5-19, including:
2011: 0 - 4
2010: 0 - 0
2009: 0 - 2
2008: 3 - 11

Reyes' last win was June 13th 2008 against the Angels.

Since then he has made 27 starts without a victory.

The major league record for consecutive starts without a victory is 28, held by Matt Keough

He has 13 consecutive losses which is about halfway to the 27 consecutive losses that Anthony Young put up.

But he is nowhere near the record for the most consecutive appearances without a victory, 153 games by John Smoltz

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