Thursday, May 26, 2011

Posey's leg Busted

By now you've probably heard the Buster Posey broke his leg on this play against the Marlins.


For you masochists out there, you can watch this one too.

Well, Posey's leg is broken and he may miss the season
SAN FRANCISCO -- Catcher Buster Posey has a broken bone in his lower left leg, the Giants revealed on Thursday, meaning the worst has happened: The National League's reigning Rookie of the Year will likely be sidelined for the entire season.
Posey has 1.8 WAR thus far on the season. That gives him an expected WAR of about 6 for an entire season. With the injury the Giants will miss out on about 4 Wins

The Giants will try to replace him Eli Whiteside. Whiteside has 1.1 WAR in 315 career plate appearances. That's a close enough approximation for the number of PA's he'll get the remainder of the season. So, we add a Win to the Giants' total.

Now they are down 3 Wins.

The new back up catcher, Chris Stewart, is terrible, so he gives them 0 Wins.

The Giants are 2.5 games up on the Rockies right now. I had the Rox and Giants about equal coming into the season. If they were equal and the Giants are to lose 3 Wins over the rest of the season, the loss of Posey could cost them the division.

That's not even counting the fact that the Giants have given up more runs than they've scored this season (170-172) while winning 56% of their games while the Rox have scored 17 more runs than they've allowed while only winning 50% of their games.

The Giants will certainly want to make a move to shore up the position.  So whom might be available?

Astros: JR Towles and Jason Jaramillo. Houston is going nowhere and Castro (on the DL) is the catcher of the future.
Blue Jays: Jose Molina is a free agent after the season, and JP Arencibia looks like the real deal.
Brewers: Wil Nieves could be available as LuCroy and Kottaras are 1&2 in Milwaukee
Cubs: might move Koyie Hill if Wellington Castillo convinces them he can play
Dodgers: wouldn't mind them trading Barajas away and letting Ellis show if he can play
Mariners: Adam Moore deserves a shot to play. Miguel Olivo could be offered up
Mets: Love themselves some Josh Thole, so Ronny Paulino could go

Nationals: Wilson Ramos is the new #1 catcher in DC so Pudge might make sense
Pirates: They would let Ryan Doumit go for cheap
Yankees: Sabean loves him some old dudes-Posada?

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