Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yakety Sax: Chicago Cubs (5/17/11)

Wikipedia says:
"Yakety Sax" is often used in television and film as a soundtrack for outlandishly humorous situations. It is frequently used to accompany comedic chases, most notably in the sketch comedy program The Benny Hill Show,[3] where it accompanied otherwise silent, rapidly paced comedy sequences (often involving a chase scene). This use of the piece, and the chase scenes themselves, have been parodied in many other movies and TV shows.
So play this video

While watching these plays in the Cubs Reds game last night.

The Reds won 7 - 5 yesterday as the Cubs gave up 7 unearned runs on 4 errors.

The first play occurred with the bases loaded, 2 out and pitcher Edinson Volquez up in the bottom of the 4th and the cubs up 3 - 0.  Volquez hit a sinking line drive to first baseman Carlos Pena that Pena couldn't handle (1st error).  Second baseman Darwin Barney retrieved the ball and threw it back into the infield.  Kerry Wood cut the throw off near first base.  He then threw the ball home but past catcher Wellington Castillo.  All 3 runners on base scored and the Cubs Win Probability (WP) went from 75.3% to 45.3%, a decrease of 30%.

In the bottom of the 6th with 2 out, a runner at first and Miguel Cairo at bat, Cairo swung through a third strike but the umpire ruled that the ball hit the ground before being caught by Cubs' catcher Wellington Castillo.  Confusion abounded as the Cubs walked off the field and the Reds' Ramon Hernandez and Miguel Cairo took their gift bases.  Though a run didn't score, the gaffe cost the Cubs 1.9% WP

Then, in the bottom of the 8th with the Cubs back on top 5 - 3, nobody out, and runners at 1st and 2nd, the Reds' Ryan Hannigan tried to sacrifice.  Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood fielded the ball and threw to third to try and nab the lead runner.  His throw was in plenty of time, but it was plenty off line and went into left field.  Left fielder Tony Campana couldn't stop it and it rolled to the wall.  Scott Rolen and Fred Lewis scored as Hannigan ended up on 3rd.  With the Cubs' lead in the 8th they had a 63.3% WP.  After the error they had a 17.4% WP.  That's a decrease of 45.9%.

Four errors, decreased the Cubs' WP by 77.8% in total.  Yakety Sax, indeed.

*WP data from FanGraphs' awesome new box scores.

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